Flexy Paw Camera Dog Treat Holder

Flexy Paw Camera Dog Treat Holder

Is it difficult to get your dog to look at your camera because he’s too interested in listening to your next door neighbour talk about what Brenda did at the office yesterday that was: “OH SO OUT OF CONTEXT FOR THE SITUATION. AND SHE REALLY SHOULDN’T HAVE SPOKEN TO JOE LIKE THAT.”

Well here’s the solution: ATTACH FOOD TO YOUR PHONE.

The benefit of this device is that it doesn’t just need be used for your dog. You can use it for :

  • Meetings: Attach stale office-meeting donuts to it when you are trying to avoid Brenda’s gleaming stares and Joe’s advances.
  • Babies: Use it as a feeding tool for babies that you don’t want to touch.

Oh and by the way it works by attaching a piece of dog food to this snappy thing at the end of the contraption so that your dog looks at the camera when you are taking his photo – but we think you got that.

Flexy Paw Camera Dog Treat Holder 2

If you would like to send us a Flexy Paw Camera Dog Treat Holder, or eat a donut with us or Brenda – please contact us immediately via twitter @iamvancouverdog or send us a raccoon holding a note in an empty kombucha bottle – a new Vancouver alternative to Foodora .

Kind regards.


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