Fix Dog Car Anxiety By Letting Your Dog Drive

I used to ponder for hours why Max would get anxious in my car. I tried homeopathy, Thundershirts, a comfy dog seat with a seat belt, cookies sprinkled in his comfy dog seat with a seat belt, and even prayed to the gods at Lululemon to help Max relax.

Dog in car seat

Not impressed y’all

Alas, nothing worked.

I then realized, dogs must get anxious is cars because many of us are terrible drivers, and they want to drive themselves.

For example, if your dog drove while you were strapped in a car seat with cookie crap everywhere – would you enjoy this either?

The answer is NO.

The answer to dog car anxiety is – let your dog drive

dog car bed

Does this dog not look happy?

If you are looking for a dog car for your dog (not your cat), check out Amazon where you can pick up a little beauty like this for a measly $29.99. (The equivalent of a Christmas Edition Starbucks Drink).

mercedes dog bed

What about you?

Does your dog like to take the driver’s seat? Do you also like to eat cookies while driving? Why do Christmas edition Starbucks drinks taste so good and wrong at the same time?

Tell me. Talk to me. Send me a line.

Or write a comment below. I will read it and write back with a 20th century feather pen or with my dog’s Macbook. Because we all have the power of choice.

Kind thanks

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