Duck Sweater by Chilly Dog

Duck Sweater by Chilly Dog

Life can be confusing as a dog. Sometimes we like to chase ducks, and sometimes we like to wear duck clothing. Regardless of what path we take, it’s the end goal that matters.


And Maxi’s end goal is to look fashionable y’all.

There’s no better way to do that than to wear a Duck Sweater by Chilly Dog from World of Angus. This sweater is perfect for chilly mornings and evenings all year round.

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Made by U.S. based Chilly Dog, these sweaters are hand-knit by Inca artisans in South America. Every worker employed is paid a fair living wage and works in safe and healthy conditions. These sweaters are made according to fair trade guidelines, using natural plant dyes and 100% wool.

World of Angus loves companies that love our planet and the people and animals who call it home. So does I Am Vancouver Dog.


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