Dog Friendly Co-working Space in Vancouver – Suite Genius

Dog Friendly Co-working Space in Vancouver – Suite Genius

The other day when I was talking to my dog about the health benefits of eating carrots, I realized it was time to admit myself into a co-working space.


Because I had been working from home for 2 weeks, and I was starting to go crazy. My dog had also refused to eat the carrot, so I was basically failing in life on all levels, personal and animal.

So I got dressed into acceptable, normal clothing (something which most stay @ home freelancers don’t have to do) and I headed to Suite Genuis, a dog friendly co-working space in Vancouver.

Initially I was afraid because I hate the following:

  1. Working on desks
  2. Working around people
  3. Not having food around me at all times
  4. Leaving my stuff on my desk when I head to the washroom in fear of criminal activity in my absence

Therefore a co-working space seemed like the ideal solution to all of these nuances.


When I walked into Suite Genius (the Kitsilano location) I was surprised there was no lock on the door and no receptionist. (Hmmm people in Kitsilano must trust each other – bizarre. The criminal activity here but me at a minimal level…)

As I walked towards an empty spot on an aged, wooden table that you would only see at a fancy furniture store, I saw a sea of smiling faces that implied “Welcome to paradise, you gonna like it here boo.”

And I really did.


It was super quiet, and peaceful and the seven or so people who were there looked like they were beaming, perhaps because they were in the zone, or perhaps because they hadn’t spent a week working from home trying to find out their dog’s views about happiness and the meaning of life.

Suite Genius in Kitsilano is a non-intimidating, small, quiet and beautiful co-working space. The energy in the room is amazing. The people are super nice and down to earth, and when I am there, it’s as if we are all in a team working together to make the world a better place. (Except we are all working on our own individual projects, but I can always imagine.)

What’s more, is that you can bring your canine child with you. Here is Max practicing the art of acting professional in a business setting in preparation for his attendance at Suite Genius.

Suite Genius, you’ve changed my views about working on desks. I will be forever grateful. I am going to go freeze some carrots now.

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