Cheese Burgeroo Pawsh Chops Frozen Dog Treats

Last week I stumbled into Big Dog Little Dog Bakery on a rainy Vancouver morning with Max. Like a child in a dog treat store, he wanted to eat everything.

But then, we saw the most beautiful, most magical doggy treats in the entire world. Little square, beautifully packaged, gourmet, frozen dog treats called Pawsh Chops. Two things were apparent:

1) I had to contact the founder right away to find out how on earth she came up with such amazing packaging.
2) Max needed a new apron with hearts on it so that he could try Pawsh Chops.

Cheese Burgeroo Pawsh Chops

Max’s dream came true. He got to try Pawsh Chops.

This is a picture of Max before and after trying a Cheese Burgoo Pawsh Chop. I ain’t no scientist, but I believe the results show, he be crazy about ‘em girl.


Maltese dog sleeping


Funny dog photo, Pawsh Chops,

So what’s in these fab Cheese Burgeroo Pawsh Chops that made Maxipoo go ra ra? Good question.

They contain things only kings and Max eat such as:

Human Grade, Human Edible and Humane: Naturally wild kangaroo meat, AquaBark™ (purified water, calendula*, burdock root*, chamomile*, holy basil*, rooibos*, rose*), Red Star™ nutritional mineral yeast*, sesame seeds*, Rooted Nutrition™ cultured sauerkraut (non-pasteurized and vinegar free)*, raw virgin unrefined coconut oil*, raw baby beet*, raw carrot*, cranberry*, raw apple cider vinegar (non-pasteurized)*, rubbed sage*, ceylon cinnamon*, rosemary*, wild harvested BC kelp*, fresh basil*, eggshell calcium with membrane (free range eggs), wild harvested BC bee pollen*, raw moringa oleifera leaf powder*

*means these be organic y’all

Cheese burgoo pawsh chops

Nuff said. If you would like to get your hand on one of these fab treats, head down to your local pet store and check out their freezer section or check out the Pawsh Chops website. Or come by my house. I am pretty sure we are going to have an abundant supply of these moving forward.

Pawsh Chops Review

Win $100 to spend on Pawsh Chops

If like me you would like to win money to spend on dog treats, dog supplies or Robert Pattison movies, you are in luck my friend. Pawsh Chops are holding a competition on their Instagram page where you can win $100. It ends on May 4th.

Here are the deets:

Pawsh Chops





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