Best Buy Canada Dog Tech Rocks Y’all

Have you ever wanted to share the joys of tech with your dog by playing GRAND THEFT AUTO? But can’t because your dog doesn’t have thumbs – or the motivation to be a hot, virtual drug dealer?

We get you girl

That’s why we were thrilled when we heard there are other ways to connect with your dog through tech – LIKE WITH BEST BUY.

Check out these new pieces of dog tech Best Buy be offering….

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

GoPro Fetch Best Buy Canada

We love the idea of slapping a GoPro Fetch Dog Harness onto Maxipoo and placing him in a Vancouver office – so he can really see what advertising coordinator Susie thinks of John’s new promotion.

OR you can use the GoPro to capture other things like doggies catching balls in Yaletown, running through fields of daisies, or surfing.

Retails at $59.99

Samsung Gear 360 Flash Memory Action Camcorder

During our last weekly editorial check in – Maxi requested that we film a 360 degree video of him doing his morning yoga routine. We didn’t think this was possible – until now.

Thank you Samsung for this camcorder.

We are not exactly sure how shooting in 360 is possible, but it is so realistic we can almost smell Maxi’s gross yoga mat.

Check out the Samsung Gear 360 Flash Memory Action Camcorder in action here…

Retails at $349.99

Samsung Gear VR Headset with Controller

Today we learned to watch 360 degree vids, you need a 360 headset.

Slap a Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone into one of these, and find out what happened when John told Susie he didn’t want to go to improv with her on Granville Island.

Retails at $199.99

Have mo fun with your doggy using weird tech products…

We are super excited to hit up Best Buy and arm Max with tech toys that he can hand out to his friends at the park.

Because at I Am Vancouver Dog we are like Oprah.

The End.

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This is a post written by moi but sponsored by our good friends at Best Buy.

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