Are you Running Towards or Away from Life?

Are you Running Towards or Away from Life?

Walking on the Seawall you Generally see Three Types of dogs

  1. The scared dog that runs away from everything and everyone
  2. The dog that runs with excitement towards people and dogs
  3. And the third dog that is actually a cat on a leash – and you wonder why his owner would bring him to the seawall.

This got me thinking. Dogs are a lot like people.

I was watching the Netflix Anthony Robbins documentary “I Am Not Your Guru” and he talked about how you can spend your life either being pulled towards something magnificent or running away from stuff that scares the shit out of you.

For example, if you are constantly trying to run away from feelings of anxiety, similar to the many small dogs we see in Yaletown, you likely spend the majority of your day thinking thoughts like:

“How can I distract myself to stop feeling this”
“How will I get through the day”
“Will this ever stop”
“What can I do to feel better”

You are basically in survival mode. And it’s likely you procrastinate and feel like life is extremely strenuous.

If you are being pulled towards something, let’s say a dance class, a career, being a mother, coaching, teaching, being of service, walking cats on leashes – things that make you feel in the zone, where time stops, where you feel connected to people, where you forget who you are, where you believe in something higher than what we see on this earth, your thoughts are likely to be very different.

You will probably have thoughts such as:

“I am so excited to do x today”
“How can I be of service”
“Life is exciting”
“I can’t wait to start the day”

How to switch from Running to Pulling

Kids and puppies know that life is supposed to be fun, funny and simple, but this is something we forget as adults.

Many of us have shit we run from in life, the tragedies, the pain, the stuff we feel no one understands. And quite rightly so. Life can be tough. However a lot of the time the stuff we are running from is the aftermath or thoughts about what has or is happening.

Once we deal with these situations and our feelings about them and stop running, we can then take action to either change our lives or our perceptions of our lives and then focus on what pulls us is life.

You will then be able to move towards things that inspire you and make you remember how life hopefully felt when you were a young child – beautiful, fun, supportive and loving.

Pull mode tips

If you want to move into more of a state of flow and pull, you can try these tips:

1. Take an 8 week mindfulness meditation course called Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. It is a university based course that has been proven to reduce anxiety, stress and depression. (About 40% of depressed participants who tried the program didn’t relapse intro depression. Which is a way higher non-relapse rate compared to people who use prescription antidepressants.) Meditation decreases activity in the amygdala – the part of the brain that manages the fight or flight response, so that you are able to think more objectively, rationally and effectively.

2. Journal. Every time something you would usually run from bothers you, write down what you are feeling for five minutes non stop. There’s a reason why animals in the wild don’t get ulcers. That’s because they deal with whatever’s bothering them in about 80 seconds. For example if a zebra is getting attacked by a lion it will freak out and then go back to grazing once it escapes. If you fully feel whatever is bothering you, the hormones that are relating to what you are feeling leave your body within 80 seconds. If you ignore it, the hormones stay in your body and you experience constant low grade stress.

3. Use neurofeedback. The average person has 60,000 thoughts a day, and about 90% of these thoughts are repetitions. So if your life is being controlled by running away from thoughts, the majority of your thoughts are likely to be negative repetitions. You can use a device called an emwave that measures your heart rate variability and shows you when your thinking is negatively affecting your heart rate.

4. Check for nutritional deficiencies. Many folks who are in a constant states of stress may be prone to genetically influenced nutritional deficiencies. If you’ve tried a bunch of stuff to feel more calm, but nothing is working, check if you have pyroluria which is a lifelong zinc and b6 deficiency that can cause constant feelings of stress (apparently one in ten people have this) or issues with methylation which affects your ability to detox (apparently 40% of people have this). Both of these can intensely affect mental states and can be easily fixed with vitamins and supplements.

Cats on leashes and comments

What do you do to stop running? How do you feel inspired? Do you have a cat on a leash? Tell me. I really want to know. Leave a comment or holla at me on the seawall. I will be with the dog who is running towards geese tryna lick them.

Peace x

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