Anaethesia Free – K9 Teeth Cleaning

Anaethesia Free – K9 Teeth Cleaning

Max’s breath was like a fish that had died and been eaten by a bigger fish – that had also died. (I have been watching a lot of Planet Earth. You should definitely watch it.)

So I decided to get Max’s teeth cleaned with K9 Teeth Cleaning.

And my oh my was he happy. I dropped him off, and when I came back in an hour, his tail was wagging and his teeth were gleaming white. AND HIS BREATH SMELLED AMAZING.

Also according to Max’s report and my surprise, he was a very good boy.

I loved the lady who cleaned his teeth, and loved her even more when she suggested I clean Max’s teeth with coconut oil and a free tooth brush she gave me. (Max loves coconut oil as much as he loves rolling around in dead worms – a lot).

Max and I are two very happy customers. I only wish my dental check ups were as fun as his. Thank you K9 Teeth Cleaning for a wonderful experience.

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