An interview with Felix from The Doxie Press

An interview with Felix from The Doxie Press

Max here. Today I am excited to introduce you to my virtual peeing buddy, Felix from The Doxie Press. My human asked me to expand on my initial memoir about him which was: “Felix is boy doggy. Boy doggy like to pee pee.”

So I decided to ask him the following questions to find out what his passions, dreams and life goals are…

1)    Felix, would you rather freestyle with Jay Z or spend a day with Beyoncé at the spa and why?
Definitely freestyle with Jay Z! He’s one cool dude like me, and he’s got swagger!

2)   What do you think your human does for work?
I think daddy is an investigator of some kind. He spends a lot of time on the phone and writes long reports. Mummy, I know what she does because she’s my PA. She writes everything on my blog and social medias which I tell her to write.

3)   What lessons are you trying to teach your human?
I have already taught them quite a few things like when I want to go outside, when I’m hungry, when I want attention. You know the basic stuff. I’m a member of the ZombieSquad so I had to train mummy to defend herself when we go on patrol so I made her watch all seasons of The Walking Dead at New Years. Right now I’m trying to train them to give me more treats every day!

4)   If I have two dog treats and you have three, how many do we have in total?
Not enough!

5)   Two hamsters and two dogs are at a party, what is the second hamster thinking?
Someone get me out of this ball!

6)   Where is your fave peeing area and why?
Out by the big tree just outside our house. There are so many lovely smells there and I can keep an eye on any intruders coming near our house!

7)   Describe your ideal day.
Sleep in, morning patrol, breakfast, nap, playtime, afternoon patrol, dinner and a nap before bed 😀 And extra special is if I can chase a squirrel or some birds!

8)   Do you believe there is life in space?

9)   If you could be an astronaut, what would your name be?
Felix Lightyear!

10)   Why do humans get so upset about things?
Because they don’t live in the moment! They always have to overthink everything! If you can’t eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away 🙂

11)   Any ending comments?
Remember to check out my two fundraisers on my FB page. Both are about raising funds for my local rescue Thank Dog I Am Out here in Vancouver.

12)   If people want to find out more about you, where can they?
Twitter: @Felix_and_Lily
Instagram: The_Doxie_Press

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