Ambleside Beach Dog Park

Ambleside Beach Dog Park

If you could get a beach, a dog, and sprinkle it with magic fairy dust, you would get Ambleside Dog Park: The BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD. Well for me anyway. Max seems to only like grass, so he couldn’t really care less for the beautiful view of the pacific ocean cradled by beautiful rocky sand, and the magic of everlasting happiness.

The dog park in a long stretch of cement pavement in between the beach, and some grassy patches. Max especially loves diving head first into the muddy areas of the grassy patches after a bout of Vancouver rain. He usually ends up leaving looking like Mel Gibson after a fight scene in the movie Braveheart.

The crowd at Ambleside tend to be larger dogs such as Huskies, and Retrievers. But the little ones tend to come along too shaking their asses while they walk down the cement paths.

I love this park because it reminds me of my childhood when I used to visit Vancouver in the summers. It’s also great because a lot of the park isn’t infiltrated by cars so I don’t have to worry about Max trying to get onto public transport (he used to try and run into buses in England).

If you are looking for something different to your average Vancouver dog park, I definitely recommend Ambleside Beach. And if your dog doesn’t love it, I am sure you will.

And if that doesn’t sell you, they offer a dispenser with free poopy bags. Really, you will be practically saving thousands of dollars by coming here.

Offleash? Parts are.
Landscape? A little bit of everything really. Mud, grass, sand, water. The only thing that is missing is an Egyptian pyramid.
Cool dogs? Some huskies tend to be a bit aggressive when they are playing here, but for the most part, they be chillin’ y’all.
Cool people? Yes. In fact I dare you to try not to smile at the people here. You won’t be able to – because they are AWESOME.
If Ambleside was an animal, which animal would it be? A tortoise swimming into an ocean of love. Not because it has to, but because it can.
Max do you have any comments? The highlight of my time here was making pee pee in a puddle, then drinking from it. – Classy.

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