What is I Am Vancouver Dog?

I Am Vancouver Dog is a dog website connecting dog owners with unique and strange dog products, services & information in Vancouver, BC.

Who’s in your team?

Max: CFO, Editor in Chief, Angel Investor, Kitchen Floor Vacuum


My name is Max. I am a dog.

I am the male version of Sasha Fierce and have an ass you could bounce a quarter off. (Mainly because my waterproof raincoat is made from a tough, plastic material).

I am British. Sometimes I like to wear waistcoats with pocket squares. Sometimes I don’t.

I am taking over the world by claiming my land by peeing on it. So far I have taken over Vancouver. Next: the world. (Or Brazil. I’ve really wanted to visit Brazil for a while.)

To those who try to stop me, I will act fierce then run away while screaming, because that is what I do.

Max xoxox

Aisha: Founder, Content Manager

Aisha Tejani CEO of I Am Vancouver Dog

My name is Aisha. Who is Aisha?

Well that’s a good question. Thank you so much for asking.

According to a definition I just read, the definition of Aisha is: alive. I’m pretty sure that sums up who I am. Although now I really do want a refund for my name, because I was expecting something a little bit more magical like:

“The princess of the bountiful oceans and magical forests of the land of Narnia.”

I guess I should tell you a little bit more about myself now that we’ve gotten this far in our conversation.

I am a writer. And not a writer in that Harry Potter book writing sort of way. I write stuff that helps companies market their products. I suppose you call that an online marketing writer.

I also have a room mate called Max. He spends a lot of time drawing maps of the world with red xs on them. He seems to be focusing on Brazil a lot lately.

That is all.

Kind regards,