A Fireside Chat With Orijen the Makers of Fabulous Dog Food

Max is a huge fan of Orijen

In fact, he is such a fan of their new freeze dried dog treats that when I returned home, he greeted me at the door with his tail wagging and an empty, ripped bag of Orijen freeze dried dog treats hanging out of his mouth.

He had managed to get the sealed treats down from my table, break into the bag and eat everything in it.

Orijen freeze dried dog treats

What a bag of Orijen treats look like before your dog eats the entire thing

I was shocked, but mainly impressed.

I wanted to know what made Orijen so awesome that Max turned into a canine James Bond while I was out, so I contacted Jessica the content and community manager at Orijen to find out more about their brand and why it’s so tasty.

Here’s our fireside* chat with Orijen…

1) Jessica, how did the idea for Orijen come about?

Peter Muhlenfeld, son of Champion Petfoods’ founder Reinhard Muhlenfeld, was inspired by his dog Lucky and created Orijen.

Lucky made Peter really think about what a natural diet for him would look like, which is why Orijen represents our closest expression of a Biologically Appropriate™ diet – mirroring your dog or cat’s natural diet; nourishing as nature intended.

2) Where are the ingredients sourced from?

All of our fresh meat ingredients and our fruits, vegetables and botanicals are sourced from Canada. We create partnerships with our fresh regional suppliers because in today’s world, knowing where your food comes from has taken on a new importance.

Because of that, we believe that pet lovers want to know the origin of the foods and ingredients they eat and feed to their companion animals. In fact, we devote two pages of our website to this topic! Check out our meet our farmer’s page as well as our Fresh Regional Ingredient page.

3) Max our dog LOVES your freeze dried treats. What made you delve into the freeze dried market?

One of our values at Champion Petfoods, the producers of Orijen, is innovation. In the pet food world, Freeze drying is the gold standard in food preservation, and moving into this category allowed us to advance our Biologically Appropriate™ mandate of matching our foods to the true natural diet of dogs and cats.

Orijen freeze-dried foods and treats are prepared without cooking, so they fully retain all of the natural properties of our authentically fresh ingredients.

Orijen freeze dried dog treats

Acting aloof in preparation for operation eat a bag later

4) What are the nutrient differences between freeze dried and regular dry dog food? Is one better than the other?

There are limits of dry extruded pet foods, in which a certain amount of carbohydrate or starch is required to help hold the kibble together. Because carnivores have no nutritional requirement for starch, our diets contain only the minimum amount of starch needed to form a solid kibble, with up to 60% fresh ingredients.

While with our freeze-dried foods, we eliminate the binding carbohydrates necessary to hold a kibble together, featuring up to 95% fresh ingredients – making it a closer representation of a dog’s natural diet.

5) We’ve found you got some pretty cool ingredients in your products such as Enterococcus faecium and sweet fennel. What’s the story behind those?

Champion Petfoods sources fresh botanicals that are grown exclusively for us in Cultus Lake, British Columbia. They are included in our formulas to serve as tonics and builders that strengthen the organs, glands and tissues in specific parts of the body like the heart and also help aid digestion.

The Enterococcus faecium we use is a cultured bacteria. This is a probiotic which helps to maintain ideal gastrointestinal health.

We include sweet fennel in our Orijen and Acana Cat and Dog formulas to help soothe and tone the digestive tract. Sweet fennel stimulates digestive and gastric juices and facilitates proper absorption of nutrients from food. It can also help reduce inflammation in the stomach and intestines.

Orijen freeze dried dog treat review

This is the size of my nose

6) What’s some new and exciting news about Orijen?

We are an innovative company and always looking to create new and exciting foods that represent our Biologically Appropriate™, Fresh Regional Ingredients and Never Outsourced mandate – our most recent Orijen food is Orijen Tundra.

Inspired by the home of Canada’s wolf, where nature remains timeless and pure, Orijen Tundra features 10 unique and authentically Fresh Regional Ingredients, including: Goat, Mutton, Venison, Arctic Char, Arctic Cod, Rabbit, Duck and more!

Well there you have it.

Max broke into our sealed bag of Orijen freeze dried dog treats for a multitude of reasons. If your dog would also like to break into a bag, or eat them in moderation, check out our Orijen giveaway we are holding on our Facebook page.

*fireside chat took place via email with an imaginary fire in the background. Holla.

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