7 Spectacular Summer Dog Collars

Collars are a way for your dog to express his inner yearnings and soul purpose to the public. It’s also a way to stop him running away.

We’ve put together a list of our fave top 7 summer dog collars. Me think you will likey…

1. Offshore Summer Dog Collar by SpaghettiandMe, $18.97

Offshore Summer Dog Collar, summer dog collar, top 10 summer dog collars

The offshore summer dog collar is the perfect way for your dog to express his love for marinas and peeing in lakes.

2. Pink Humble Bees Dog Collar by 3dirtydawgz, Starting at $15.95

pink humble bees dog collar, top ten summer dog collars


Like the saying goes, bees are the nectar of summer, or bees can sting, I can’t remember the exact words, but this pink humble bees dog collar be cool y’all.

3. “The Arnie” Lobster Dog Collar by PuddleJumperPups, $17.08

lobster dog collar

Summer is the perfect time to eat lobsters and wear lobster dog collars.

4. Surfer Dog Collar by daydogdesigns, $18.97

surfer dog collar, top summer dog collars

Perfection at its best with the surfer dog collar. We aren’t sure what the surfer is holding, but Max hopes it’s dog poop.

5. Rainbow Dog Collar by DizzyDogCollars, $17.60

rainbow dog collar, top summer dog collars

Vancouver rain + sun = Vancouver rainbow dog collar.

6. Fancy Flower Dog Collar by The Sassy Pup, $34.99


fancy flower dog collar

If life hands you flowers, make lemonade out of them. Oh and also check out this spectacular flower dog collar while you are at it.

7. Bunny Dog Collar by Wagologie, $22.77

bunny easter dog collar

We accept rabbits of all colours and races at I Am Vancouver Dog. Show your support with this bunny dog collar.

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