5 Ways To Tell If You Love Your Dog

1. You bring up your dog’s name in random conversations that have nothing to do with him


Person A: I went to salsa last night and they played my favourite song.
Me: Salsa is great. Did you know night rhymes with height. My dog’s height is o.25metres.

…..Awkward silence….

2. You are proud to be seen with him in public

dog carrier sweater

Move forth human and take me to my place of work.

3. You play music that both you and your dog love

4. You wonder what he’s doing when you are at work

5. Even though he thinks it’s hilarious to hide a slab of beef in your laundry and you accidentally wash it along with all your white clothes, you laugh and forgive him. BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT LOVE IS.

dog laughing

Ha ha. Ha ha ha.

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