5 Life Lessons Dogs Can Teach You During Tough Times

Life can be tough, but as long as there are dogs out there wearing bright pink sweaters, everything is ok.

Here are 5 life lessons dogs can teach you during tough times:

1. When you metaphorically poo on yourself, keep moving

lessons dog can teach you, keep moving with dogs

Max poos on himself on the regular and continues to walk on the Vancouver Seawall with his hips swaying. He knows he can’t do anything about it, and that sh*t happens.

If you are going through a rough patch, realize we all metaphorically poo on ourselves or are pooed on by others at some point in our life.

That’s normal.

The main thing is how you react to it. Do you lie down in a puddle of craft Kombucha, or do you keep walking towards the hot guy/girl in the bright pink sweater?

YOU always have the choice.

2. Spread love


If Max had a resume it would read –> Goal: to spread love across the world. If you read a human’s resume it reads something like –> Goal: to increase sales by 70% in Q3 by ramping up social media sales of handmade door mats made from pine cones.

Which is more fun y’all?

Studies actually show the more good deeds you do for others, the happier you will be. Specifically researchers found doing 5 small acts of kindness, one day a week increased peoples happiness. Furthermore they found those who volunteer once a month are 7% happier that those who don’t.

3. Wear bright stuff

Max wearing a banada

This just makes sense for everyone involved.

4. Face your fears

Max watching vancouver canadians baseball game

Humans have a tendency to try and ignore their problems by distracting themselves so they don’t have to think about them. This can take place in the form of positive distractions that are being overused such as working, exercising and eating, or negative distractions such as abusing drugs or alcohol.

As dogs don’t have access to a wide range of social media office jobs or a drawer of prescription pain medication they can abuse, they tend to feel how they are feeling, and don’t try to stop it.

In fact, that’s why they say wild animals don’t get ulcers like humans, because when you feel your feelings, the hormones relating to those feelings dissipate within 80 seconds. If you ignore your feelings, the hormones relating to those feelings stay in your body.

(If you are wondering why some dogs to get human-like stress conditions, it’s because they’ve learned that from us.)

So how do you face your fears? Try this technique called the Reversal of Desire from the book The Tools where you actively look forward to painful experiences and learn to associate pain with pleasure. Because fear will always be there – but you can use it to your advantage rather than your detriment.

5. Take care of yourself

dog and suitcase

Self care is a huge part of being able to get through tough times. Dogs tend to ask for support from you if they aren’t feeling well, and they sleep as much as they possibly can.

If you are going through a rough time, find tools you can do to take care of yourself. This can be in the form of learning to meditate such as doing an 8 week mindfulness course in Vancouver which has been proven to lower anxiety, depression and stress. Or doing things that you enjoy like creating oil paintings of handmade door mats made from pine cones.

The End

What does your dog do that influences how you live your life? Does he make pina coladas while singing in the rain? Or perhaps he wears sweaters. Let me know. Leave a comment 🙂


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