4 Things Dogs Can Teach Us About Life

Do you think dogs really live in the present?

I’ve been wondering this for some time now. Sometimes I think of my dog Max as a little Buddha because he remains calm in frightening situations, (like the time he calmly walked away from a dog that was trying to attack him and I watched in awe).

But then other times, he seems like he is a human and gets upset about strange things, (like the time he thought my lovely new handbag was the she devil and plotted to remove it from my apartment).

I know all dogs are different, but here are a few things I think dogs can teach us about life…

1. To love unconditionally

Max has fallen in love many times. Once with a Golden Retriever who was 3 times his age, and once with a British monkey.

He also loves me and pretty much any human in the world. He doesn’t care how much money we make, or what we look like, he just loves us for no reason no matter what. That’s pretty awesome.

2. If you make a mistake, move on

Once Max pooed on his leg during a stroll on the fashionable Vancouver Seawall. However, he continued to walk the seawall with pride amongst Lululemon clad runners and their well-dressed dogs.

3. Forgive and forget

Max has been punched in the face by two cats. (Once at the Vet and once at the park). I believe he has forgiven them, and continues to watch cat videos on the internet.

4. If you see a bike, pee on it

Metaphorically that is. Max will pee on anything he can. If you see an opportunity in life, take it.

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