4 Effective Methods to Keep Your Dog off Your Couch

4 Effective Methods to Keep Your Dog off Your Couch

Couches are awesome. You know it. I know it. Dogs know it. If you’re a dog owner, you know the struggle of keeping your pet off the couch. It’s not an easy task to prevent them from jumping up and leaving their fur, paw prints, and smell all over the furniture.

However, we’ve found 4 extremely easy but effective ways to keep your dog off the couch….

1. Block Access to Couch

It’ll be hard for your dog to jump on the couch if you block their access to it.

Laying folded up chairs across the cushions of your couch or in front of it will make the furniture completely inaccessible.

If you don’t want to clutter your living area with folded up chairs, you can also put aluminum foil, soda cans, or anything that makes a crinkly sound on your couch.

When your dog tries to jump on it, the noise will startle them and deter them from jumping onto the couch.

2. Use Treats as Reward

Using treats to reward good behaviour creates the association in your dog’s brain between what your dog is currently doing and receiving a treat.

If you are sitting on the couch and your dog is laying at your feet, give them a treat so they know that what they are doing is correct.

Another good trick is to leave a treat in their dog bed. They will be more inclined to nap there once they find a tasty snack waiting for them.

3. Buy a Dog Bed

Sometimes, dogs just want a nice place for them to lay. The couch seems like the perfect place to do that. It’s soft, warm, and is a more comfortable alternative than laying on the hard floor.

Providing them with a dog bed is a great option to draw their attention away from the couch. Your dog will think of it as his own personal couch and will hopefully stay off yours.

4. Catch Them in the Act

Catching your dog in the act of jumping onto your couch or sleeping on your couch is the best time for you to ask your dog to leave your couch by saying the word “off” and pointing to the ground. If your dog tries again to jump onto your couch, say the word “no” to your dog. Eventually your dog will understand what the words no and off mean.

5. Never Let your Dog on the Couch

Of course, the best method to prevent your dog laying on your couch is to never allow your pet on the couch in the first place. Dogs are creatures of habit and if you allow them to nap on the couch a few times, they will think it’s an acceptable place for them.

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