3 Fabulous Grooming Tips for Long Haired Dogs

3 Fabulous Grooming Tips for Long Haired Dogs

Long haired dogs rock. Because they look beautiful, have fancy schmancy hair, and beautiful singing voices. But oh my can their hair be tough to handle.

That’s why you gotta ensure you’re taking the right steps to keep your dog’s long haired coat as well-groomed as possible.

Here are three grooming tips to keep long haired dogs in the best condition:

1. Make Your Dog Feel Comfortable

It’s important to make your dog feel comfortable as long haired dogs = longer grooming sessions.

Maintain your dog’s coolness by running your fingers through his hair before introducing a fine tipped comb or brush. This way your dog associates the grooming process with being petted lovingly and will immediately relax.

Another way to make your dog feel comfortable, which is ideal for those who want to save some money and groom their pet at home, is to carry out the grooming process in an area of your home or apartment where your pet is most comfortable.

This may mean climbing into bed with him or inviting him on to your sofa to keep him happy. (Your dog may feel most comfortable sitting in your trashcan eating left over pizza – but we don’t suggest you groom him in there.)

2. Choose the Right Products

Finding the right dog grooming products for your breed can make a huge difference to a grooming session.

There’s a gazillion products out there for your doggies. So try and pick something that works for your dog. We suggest avoiding harsh sulphates and chemical ingredients and opting for something natural and organic containing ingredients that you know such as peppermint, oatmeal etc.

You can also choose whitening shampoos for coats that have turned the colour of Vancouver food delivery paper bags due to rolling around in your trash can eating left over pizza while being groomed.

3. Allow for Plenty of Time, Never Rush, and Brush Your Dog Frequently!

It’s ideal to brush your long haired dog’s coat everyday to prevent future matting and both human and doggy exhaustion. (Matting is very hard to brush out and normally needs to be cut out.)

It’s also cool to create a routine with your dog such as brushing your dog every evening while you watch reruns of Friends on Netflix.

The more time you spend slowly and calmly grooming your dog, the more fun you will both have and will associate it with fun rather than the equivalent of watching a really really bad Netflix movie. (We’ve all been there.)

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Jenny Nolan enjoys looking after her excitable King Charles Spaniel as well as contributing to her family run blog Cleaner Paws with Mom Sue. With over 40 years combined in pet grooming, Cleaner Paws was created to pass on a little bit of knowledge and to help owners find the right products for their pets.

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