3 Foods Dogs Shouldn’t Eat

3 Foods Dogs Shouldn’t Eat

What foods can dogs eat? I get this question all the time. Well, from my brother, and now hopefully from whoever you are who is reading this article. So I technically get this question from two people.

Anyhoo, like all restrictive Vancouver diets, it’s more important to ask what can’t dogs eat? Considering dogs eat a variety of sketchy things from goose poop, rocks, sand, salt water, and lastly my favourite, GRANITE FLOORS (yes Max has tried to eat all these), the list of “normal” things they actually shouldn’t eat is quite surprising.

1. Chocolate

Have you ever wanted to sit back, watch an episode of Gilmore Girls, and snap a piece of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate and lovingly feed it to your dog while you smoke an electronic cigarette? No me neither. But just in case you have wanted to do this – Don’t. Don’t do any of it. Chocolate is poisonous to dogs.

2. Onions

Onions are everywhere. Every dish has ‘em and for some reason they are always on the kitchen floor too. You know it and I know it. (This would be the perfect space for a robotic vacuuming drone company to put an ad here. If you are a representative from a robotic vacuuming drone company, please feel free to contact me for advertising rates. I also encourage you to buy Google Adwords involving the words Robots and Onions.)

Now where was I, yes onions, don’t do it. They are poisonous to dogs and they make humans CRY. Also if someone throws one at you during a supposedly friendly game of catch and you aren’t paying attention because Gilmore Girls is on TV, you can really bruise your upper shoulder. ONIONS ARE BAD PEOPLE.

3. Goose Poop

Max has eaten his fair share of goose poop, and he seems to really savour and enjoy it. I am assuming he eats it as it gives him telepathic abilities and goose poop breath – a delicacy amongst Maltese dogs. However no one likes a dog who eats goose poop. Don’t do it. Just don’t do it.

Does your dog eat anything that’s strange? Let me know. I would love to hear about it. Perhaps we can start a goose poop eating support group. It would have to be held online though as I don’t have the funds* to buy coffee and sugar for in person/dog meetings.

*Unless a robotic vacuuming drone company would like to sponsor this meeting. I am open to discussion.

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