25 Dog Breeds and Their Natural Health Problems

World Canine Association today lists 340 breeds of dogs.

Today you can choose a dog breed of any form, shape or size. Each breed is also different in terms of character and personality. There are many factors you need to consider when thinking about your future pet such as:

  1. Character features unique to the breed: For example, field spaniels are excellent family dogs who love people and are very loyal.
  2. Climate: This is especially important if you plan to keep your dog outside. Make sure your dog is a good fit for your geographic region.
  3. Dog’s health: French Bulldogs, for instance, are very susceptible to breathing problems, just like English Bulldogs. These problems are caused by the breed’s pushed-in nose. Because of this, French Bulldogs may struggle to breathe in extreme heat or during exercise. If you live in a very hot climate and are an outdoorsy person, a French Bulldog is probably not for you, unless you choose to keep your dog inside a lot.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about your favourite breeds, their potential health risks, and the requirements to keep you future pet healthy! (For more details about each breed, read more here.)

Source: DogPsycho.com.

dog breeds and their common health problems


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