22 Reasons Dogs Are Awesome

Dogs feel comfortable enough with their bodies to walk around naked

Cute dog

But they also wear cool clothing

Cute dog napping

Dogs aren’t afraid to express their love for each other in public

Dogs greeting each otherWell hello there

…or their hate

Dog playing with toy monkeyDie monkey die

Dogs eat just about anything

Dog licking noseOne dog booger to go please

Dogs laugh a lot

Dog laughing

Dogs are great at the art of camouflage

dog hiding by bushNo one will ever find me here

Dogs love you no matter what you think of yourself

Dog and dishwasherWow she has some sort of weird dish peeing machine. She’s amazing.

Dogs are great napping buddies

Cute dog napping

Dogs have great hairstyles

Dog, funny hairGoing for the Edward from Twilight look here

…And sometimes have bangs

dog with bangsMy human was as shocked as I was when I got these at the hairdressers

Dogs are afraid of the strangest things

Dog and goose, selfieDie goose die, but first, let’s take a selfie

Dogs can find a place to sleep anywhere

dog sleeping in strange placeA sharp, metal table ledge – perfect

Dogs value time with friends

Dog eating dinner with a monkey, Pawsh ChopsMr Monkey you get 1 treat and I get 4

When dogs are tired, they don’t hide it

Dog sleeping, funny, cute dogSinking…into…couch…vortex…too…strong

Sometimes dogs help you out with the cleaning

Dog sitting on laptopDusting human’s computer with ass

When you do yoga, dogs think you’ve gone crazy so they push their toys on your mat to check you are ok.

Dog, yogaLook me in the eyes and tell me you are ok

Dogs hide “gifts” in your bed

Dog toothbrush treatThis brush is for you my beloved

Dogs are fun to watch Albert Einstein documentaries with

Watching Albert Einstein Documentary with Dog
I have that same microscope

They find new uses for things

Dog bed, dog in carMy new master

They have cute yawns

Dog yawning“And then he opened his mouth like this…” Me reenacting a scene from Jaws

They make you laugh

Do you think I forgot anything? Comment below 🙂

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